Top 10 Most Affordable Online Master’s in Industrial-Organizational Psychology

Most Affordable Organizational Psychology

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Welcome to our ranking of the Top 10 Most Affordable Online Master’s in Industrial-Organizational Psychology.

Industrial/Organizational Psychology applies principles of psychology to businesses and organizations. Organizations need employees with I/O psychology training and education to find ways to:

  • keep their employees motivated
  • improve their overall well-being
  • make the workplace safe and welcoming environment

I/O psychology professionals understand the important role employee satisfaction plays in their bottom line. I/O psychology graduates have the skills needed to take on different roles within an organization including working as:

  • human resource managers
  • educators
  • employment counselors
  • industrial psychologists

Those who earn a master’s in organizational psychology find success working in different settings including:

  • mental health agencies
  • schools
  • advertising firms
  • business offices of all kinds.

Featured Schools


To create this ranking of the most affordable online master’s in I/O psychology, we used information gathered from the National Center for Education Statistics College Navigator. We identified accredited colleges that offer an online masters in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. Of those colleges that offered an online master’s in industrial/organizational psychology online, the schools were ranked to find the 10 most affordable using their average graduate tuition rate.

10. Capella University – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Master of Science in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Average Graduate Tuition: $14,767/year
Capella University features an affordable online master’s in industrial/organizational psychology that prepares students to build psychologically healthy work environments. Students gain the skills needed to improve individual and organizational performance in the workplace. Courses are taught by scholar-practitioner faculty who are actively engaged in the field. Course offerings include:

  • Consultation Psychology
  • Psychology of Leadership
  • Industrial/Organizational Psychology Practices in Human Resource Management

Students seeking a self-paced learning format can choose FlexPath and take courses at their own speed, paying a flat tuition rate each session. GuidedPath, a more traditional program format, is also available.

9. Albizu University – Miami, Florida

M.S. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology


Average Graduate Tuition: $11,774/year
The low-cost online Master of Science in Industrial/Organizational Psychology at Albizu University gives students practical training in key I/O areas like training and development and organizational development. The 48-credit hour curriculum takes two years to complete. Core I/O psychology courses include:

  • Employment Law
  • Organizational Training and Development
  • Psychological Assessment Techniques in the Organization

Classes are taught by I/O psychology professionals who are experienced with contemporary theories, research and practice in the field. Online students can demonstrate their skills through applied research projects.

8. Bellevue University – Bellevue, Nebraska

Master of Science in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Bellevue University


Average Graduate Tuition: $10,710/year
Bellevue University features a budget friendly I/O psychology master’s program that provides students with the tools needed to make a positive impact on performance in the corporate landscape. Students are engaged through:

  • applied assessments
  • real-world organizational projects
  • professional networking opportunities

Major course requirements include:

  • Personnel Selection
  • Measurement and Design
  • Social Psychology

Busy professionals can benefit from the cohort path, taking one course at a time with the same group of peers.

7. Missouri University of Science and Technology – Rolla, Missouri

Master of Science in Industrial-Organizational Psychology

Missouri S&T Master of Science in Industrial-Organizational Psychology


Average Graduate Tuition Rate: $10,452/year in-state and $29,558/year out-of-state
Missouri University of Science and Technology offers a low-priced MS in Industrial/Organizational Psychology for students who want to enhance the performance and well-being of the people in their organization. In addition to gaining a strong foundation in I/O psychology, students will also develop critical skills in statistics and research methods. Both thesis and non-thesis program options are available. Not sure if you are ready for a master’s degree? Missouri S&T offers certificate programs in statistical methods in psychology and applied workplace psychology that can be applied toward a master’s degree!

6. Auburn University – Auburn, Alabama

Master’s in Industrial-Organizational Psychology Online


Average Graduate Tuition Rate: $10,080/year in-state and $30,240/year out-of-state
The Department of Psychological Sciences at Auburn University features a high-quality online master’s in I/O psychology that prepares students to work as I/O practitioners in applied settings. The 30-hour curriculum includes courses in:

  • Personnel Selection
  • Training and Development in Organizations
  • Advanced Analytics in Social and Behavioral Sciences

Students can choose three elective courses within the Department to tailor the program to meet their professional goals and objectives. There is no thesis requirement. Students can complete their degree in about two years.

5. Eastern Kentucky University – Richmond, Kentucky

Industrial-Organizational Psychology Program

EKU Industrial-Organizational Psychology Program

School Profile

Average Graduate Tuition: $9,900/year in-state and $13,950/year out-of-state
The top-value online industrial-organizational psychology master’s degree from Eastern Kentucky University is a well-rounded program. It can help students improve performance and productivity in their organization. With 100% online courses and no on-campus residency requirements, students can learn from almost anywhere. Courses are offered in accelerated eight-week terms. The curriculum follows the training guidelines recommended by the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. There is no GRE requirement for applicants with a 3.0 undergraduate GPA.

4. Colorado State University – Fort Collins, Colorado

Master of Applied Industrial/Organizational Psychology (M.A.I.O.P.) Online

CSU Master of Applied Industrial/Organizational Psychology (M.A.I.O.P.) Online


Average Graduate Tuition Rate: $9,000/year
Colorado State University offers a flexible online master’s in I/O psychology that is practitioner-oriented. It prepares students for roles in research and consulting. Courses were developed by CSU’s expert faculty. Students gain real-world perspectives from experienced faculty who have worked in the field an average of 15 years. Courses cover areas like:

  • workforce diversity
  • corporate culture and climate
  • performance appraisal instruments

This 38-credit hour program can be completed in two or four years, allowing students to choose their pace and balance school with other obligations.

3. Touro University Worldwide – Los Alamitos, California

Online Master of Arts in Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Touro Online Master of Arts in Industrial and Organizational Psychology

School Profile

Average Graduate Tuition: $9,000/year
Touro University Worldwide features a high-quality online master’s in I/O psychology that takes just one year to complete. Students will learn how to help organizations understand the connection between employee satisfaction and their overall bottom line. Coursework teaches students how to tackle difficult challenges like low morale and ineffective processes. Students can choose from three concentration options including:

  • Coaching and Consulting
  • Human Resource Management
  • Occupational Health Psychology

The program is aligned with the values and guidelines set by the Societies of I/O Psychology, Human Resource Management, and Consulting Psychology.

2. Purdue University Global – West Lafayette, Indiana

M.S. in Psychology – Industrial/Organizational Psychology



Average Graduate Tuition: $8,766/year in-state and $9,740/year out-of-state
The inexpensive online industrial/organizational psychology master’s degree at Purdue University Global is a flexible program created for the adult learner. Courses are offered in 10-week terms and course content is delivered 100% online. Students will learn how to apply I/O psychology principles in business and organizational settings. Courses cover key areas like:

  • employee training
  • evaluation and leadership
  • workplace motivation and attitudes

Students can choose to complete either a thesis or a comprehensive exam as their culminating experience. Most students can complete their degree in about two years.

1. Austin Peay State University – Clarksville, Tennessee

Master’s in Industrial Organizational Psychology Online

APSU Master’s in Industrial Organizational Psychology Online
School Profile

Average Graduate Tuition: $8,100/year in-state and $13,086/year out-of-state
Our top choice for an online affordable master’s in industrial/organizational psychology is offered by Austin Peay State University. The program is a great option for students wanting graduate level training in I/O psychology as well as those planning to pursue a doctoral degree. Courses are offered in 15-week semesters. There are no on-campus residency requirements. Course offerings include:

  • Leadership and Organizational Change
  • Performance Management
  • Personnel Assessment and Selection

The curriculum was designed around the SIOP’s Guidelines for Master’s Education and Training in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. Class size is intentionally small to support networking and meaningful connections with faculty and peers.

Other Affordable Masters in Industrial/Organizational Psychology Degree Offerings

Alliant International University-San Diego
San Diego, California
Tuition Net Price*: $19,190

University of Akron Main Campus
Akron, Ohio
Tuition Net Price*: $16,568

William Carey University
Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Tuition Net Price*: $14,717

Wright State University-Main Campus
Dayton, Ohio
Tuition Net Price*: $14,464

*Net price is the total cost of attendance; the sum of published tuition and required fees, books and supplies, and the weighted average for room and board and other expenses

What is Industrial-Organizational Psychology?

According to the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Industrial-organizational (I-O) psychology is the scientific study of working, and the application of that science to workplace issues facing:

  • individuals
  • teams
  • organizations

The scientific method is applied to investigate issues of critical relevance to:

  • individuals
  • businesses
  • society

In layman’s terms, Industrial-Organizational psychology is the study of work, and, more importantly, how to make work a better experience for employees, and thus more successful in business.

What Can You Expect During the Degree?

The Master of Science in Psychology focuses on the scientific study of human behavior including:

  • cognition
  • motivation
  • emotion

The program provides training in four core areas:

  • biological bases of behavior
  • acquired or learned bases of behavior
  • social, cultural and systemic influences on behavior
  • individual differences in behavior

Students will learn how the science of psychology is advanced through research. Emphasis is placed on critical thinking, problem-solving and the application of knowledge to problems and issues related to the human experience.

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Degree Program?

While all of the degrees listed here are great options, there are some nuances that should be considered when making a choice.

Does the Degree Program Require a GMAT or GRE Score?

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) and the Graduate Record Examinations(GRE) are standardized tests intended to assess certain analytical, writing, quantitative, verbal, and reading skills in written English. Many graduate programs require students to take this assessment as part of the admissions process. Some colleges, however, will waive this added time and expense. If you are nervous about standardized tests or anxious about getting started as soon as possible, this may be something that you want to consider.

Are There Any On-Campus Requirements?

Many students, especially graduate students, are looking for degree options that will fit into already busy lives. For this reason, online education has grown immensely in the past decade. If you need to consider how you are going to fit college into an already hectic schedule, you may want to research colleges that:

  • limit travel to campus
  • avoid residency requirements
  • take place largely or even exclusively online

Many colleges will offer both on campus and online options for instate tuition prices. If you prefer to take classes in person, will your college of choice offer classes in the evenings or on weekends to adapt to your schedule? All of these are issues that you may want to consider when choosing a college that works for you.

What Requirement Must Be Met for Degree Completion?

In order to attain a master’s degree, many colleges require students to participate in some sort of culminating prior to graduation. Whether this activity comes in the form of an internship, thesis, practicum, or project, your comfort level with these things may influence your decision as to which colleges you are most interested in. This could also influence your decision if you have concerns about traveling to campus. Some colleges will require you to come to campus for these activities even if most of the coursework you’ve completed has been in a distance learning environment.

What Does This Degree Offer in Licensure?

Licensure of the title psychologist and/or the practice of psychology is restricted in almost every state in the U.S. and province in Canada. However, every state varies in the license requirements for psychologists, and even what type of psychologists require licenses to practice. In almost all cases, licensing is dependent on having a doctoral degree, at least one required examination, and supervised practice.

Even though licensure will not be a direct result of receiving a master’s degree, many master’s candidates do have this as a long term goal. Many programs understand this, and can offer coursework that will apply to and can guide the students toward this achievement. Researching a college’s course offerings can give you an idea if this is something you can expect.

What Type of Careers Can You Expect?

According to a 2014 report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, positions in industrial and organizational psychology are expected to increase by 53.4% from 2012 to 2022, placing trained I/O professionals in high demand.

I/O practitioners typically find employment in public and private industries, educational institutions, and government agencies in the following areas:

  • Human Resources

    • General management
    • Employee training and development
    • Employee relations
    • Compensation and benefits
  • Government

    • Labor law
    • Affirmative action
    • Union relations
    • Research and development
  • Research

    • Personnel selection
    • Work motivation
    • Talent development
    • Organizational change
  • Education

    • Research
    • Consulting
    • Teaching

Job Titles

Here are some possible job titles that you may qualify for after achieving your Master’s in Industrial-Organizational Psychology:

HR Practice Leader * Behavioral Analyst * Behavioral Scientist * Talent Management Specialist * HR Organizational Development Specialist * Executive Coach * Career Coach * Leadership Coach * Employment Testing Professional * Testing Specialist * Tests and Measurement Specialist * Assessment and Selection Specialist * Employment Law Expert * Research Analyst * Organizational Development * Organization Effectiveness * Organizational Capability * Talent Management * Management Development * Workforce Insights * Human Resources * Human Resources Research * Employee Relations * Training and Development * Professional Development * Leadership Development * Selection Systems * Evaluation & Assessment * Testing Programs * Leadership Research * Assessment * Applied Behavioral Research * Optimization * Managing * Leadership * Learning & Performance * Career Planning

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