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Industrial-Organizational Psychology Programs at Capella University

Capella University appears in our ranking of the Top 10 Ph.D. in Industrial Organizational Psychology Online.

Capella University offers three degree programs for students with an interest in industrial and organizational psychology. Also called IO psychology, this career field looks at the environments in which people work and finds ways to make them more comfortable and safe. It can also include elements of product design because professionals in this field create products for workers.

The first of those programs is a Master of Science in Psychology in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Students can enroll in either the GuidedPath or the FlexPath program. The GuidedPath option helps them learn more about psychology before focusing on IO psychology. Those in the FlexPath program can earn credits for their past experiences and graduate in only one year. Some of the classes for IO majors include Survey of Research Methods, Principles of Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Psychology of Leadership.

Also available is a Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Students will begin working on their dissertations in their first years and work with a counselor who will advise them on the process. Capella University offers online resources that help students complete their dissertations online. In addition to dissertation courses, the IO psychology doctoral program includes classes such as Program Evaluation, Consultation Psychology and Psychology of Leadership. Capella will accept students into this program who earned their graduate degrees from other schools.

Another psychology program available from Capella University for graduate students has a specialization in leadership coaching psychology. Students take core courses that teach them how to lead and inspire others. They can develop strong skills that will help them when it comes to coaching and leading employees in the workplace. Capella offers courses in this program such as Testing and Assessment in Workplace Psychology, Psychology of Group Dynamics and Psychology of Personality.

About Capella University

Capella University is a private university system based out of Minnesota. Founded in 1993 as The Graduate School of America, the school received the accreditation necessary to use federal funds just four years later. The company changed its name a few years later to the Capella Education Company and renamed the school Capella University. Though Capella once had an open enrollment policy that allowed almost any student to apply, it now has admissions requirements that students must meet based on their education levels. It welcomes both those who have some college experience and those who never attended college before. Those with a lack of college experience must complete an evaluation and assessment to ensure that they can handle studying at Capella.

The university now offers a range of both undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Students can also earn certificates and doctoral degrees from the university. More than 40% of the students enrolled today are in its graduate programs, and more than 30% of its students enroll in one of its doctoral psychology programs. Students from all 50 states and some other countries take classes from Capella every year. It does not have any traditional campuses because all its programs are available online. Those programs include more than 140 degree programs and 25 certificate options for graduate students. With an enrollment of nearly 37,000 students, Capella University now ranks as one of the largest online colleges in the world.

Capella University Accreditation Details

Though Capella is an online university, it has the same accreditation that traditional schools do. The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) granted Capella the regional accreditation that lets it award financial aids to students based on their unique needs. Accreditation from the HLC also allows the university to set its own degree requirements and give degrees/certificates to those who complete these requirements.

Capella University Application Requirements

To apply to any Capella program, students must visit the university’s application portal and create a new account. The university will assign those students an enrollment counselor who is responsible for helping students submit their applications. They can work with that counselor to see what career opportunities are available to them, learn how to apply for financial aid and check out possible scholarships. Students can also schedule a consultation online to see what information the university requires for incoming students. They must have a bachelor’s degree and submit the online application.

The student’s enrollment counselor will help he or she see whether a specific program requires any extra documents. Most of the IO psychology programs ask for up to three letters of recommendation. Each letter must outline the reasons why the student would be a good fit for the program, and those letters should come from those familiar with the student’s academic or professional work. They usually need to submit a resume and a writing sample too. Students applying to the doctoral program will also need to have a graduate degree. The university may require that students complete an interview with a psychology faculty member also.

Tuition and Financial Aid

The cost of earning an IO psychology degree from Capella depends on the program. Its IO psychology graduate program is available in two different paths. The GuidedPath includes 10-week classes and asks students to take one to three classes each term. They pay $485 per credit hour and up to $26,675 to complete the entire program. To earn a leadership coaching psychology degree, students will pay the same credit hour rate. Depending on the credits they bring, they can pay as little as $19,400 to earn their degrees. Those in the FlexPath program pay $2,700 for each 12-week session they attend. The maximum cost of finishing this program is $26,000. It allows students to take two classes each term. Doctoral candidates pay $530 per credit hour and can transfer up to 25 credits into the program.

Capella recommends that students bring transfer credits with them or that they apply for previous learning credits to reduce the amount they owe. Students in the military and veterans can apply for a military discount that reduces their total costs by 10%. Both graduate and doctoral students can apply for federal financial aid from the university too. The federal government offers both unsubsidized student loans and PLUS loans for older students. They can also use any alternative loans they might get too. All of the IO psychology degree programs at Capella University will accept students who receive financial aid and those paying their own expenses.

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