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Organizational Psychology Programs at CUNY Brooklyn

CUNY Brooklyn appears in our ranking of the Top 9 Most Affordable Master’s in Industrial-Organizational Psychology.

Industrial and organizational (IO) psychology looks at how emotions and other factors can affect humans as they work. CUNY Brooklyn offers two degree programs that let students focus on different areas of IO psychology. The university provides students with resources and information on joining professional organizations too, including:

  • the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • the Society for Human Resource Management

These organizations often offer opportunities for college students such as workshops and conferences they can attend.

The first of the two Master of Arts (M.A.) programs include a concentration in processes and organizational behavior. It helps students analyze behavior and can assist them in finding jobs in:

  • talent management and acquisition
  • research and design
  • organizational analysis

Students can take 30 credits of classes and do a thesis or take 36 credits of classes and skip the thesis requirement. They must take Psychology of Small Groups, Organizational Structure and Design and Leadership and Motivation in addition to the psychology core. That core includes five classes such as:

  • Human Relations Training I
  • Quantitative Techniques
  • Research Methods and Program Evaluation
  • The Individual and the Organization
  • Psychological Concepts and Methods in IO

Students in the M.A. program in personnel and human resources must take the same core group of classes. They focus more on the ways in which hiring managers recruit and hire new employees and how they compensate employees for their work. The program includes a thesis or a non-thesis track. Students must take three concentration courses:

  • Human Resources Management Applications
  • Job Analysis and Employee Selection
  • Training and Development

The university encourages all psychology majors to do internships too. They can do an internship and reduce the number of electives they would otherwise take.

About CUNY Brooklyn

CUNY Brooklyn is one of the names given to the school with the official name of Brooklyn College. This name came about after the college joined the City University of New York system. It includes multiple campuses across the state. Though plans for the college existed as early as 1930, it wasn’t until 1935 that the founders actually began work on its campus. The college opened in 1936 and featured many buildings and areas designed by Randolph Evans. He created a campus with ample green spaces for students and historic buildings that the college still uses. Brooklyn College continued adding to its campus in later years. It constructed several theaters for performing arts majors and a new business school.

As part of the CUNY system, the Brooklyn campus accepts transfer students who earned or started work on degrees at other campuses. It also offers full degree programs for incoming students through five colleges, which include the Murray Koppelman School of Business and the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. The Division of Graduate Studies oversees the psychology and other social sciences programs offered by the college. Both The Wall Street Journal and Forbes now rank CUNY Brooklyn as one of the best schools in the United States.

CUNY Brooklyn Accreditation Details

Brooklyn College has regional accreditation from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE), which grants accreditation to colleges in one region of the country. Students can use this accreditation to transfer credits between CUNY and SUNY schools and to take credits to other colleges. It is also one of the requirements for students who want to use the FAFSA. programs offered by the college have accreditation also.Other college programs also have accreditation:

  • public health
  • teacher education
  • dietetics
  • speech and language pathology

CUNY Brooklyn Application Requirements

The best way for students to find out about CUNY Brooklyn and its industrial and organizational psychology programs before they apply is at an Open House. These events take place on a regular basis and let prospective students talk to faculty members and ask questions of current students. It also helps them learn more about the college’s admissions requirements. Students must take courses on statistics and research methods at the undergrad level and take at least 12 credits of psychology courses. The college asks that students maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher in all of those courses.

To apply, students will visit the CUNY Brooklyn admissions site and create an online account. They can use that account to log in and complete the application and to submit two of their letters of recommendation. Though they can submit all three required letters online, the college will accept one letter through the mail. They can also use the site to pay their application fees. Students must send seven documents and types of information through the mail, including a current resume and transcripts from their colleges that should come in sealed envelopes. Other required documents they send through the mail include:

  • Personal essay
  • Writing sample
  • Completed Application Summary Factsheet
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Completed Document Cover Sheet
CUNY Brooklyn also allows students to submit a GRE score through the mail, though this step is optional.

Tuition and Financial Aid

IO psychology students attending Brooklyn College pay $455 per credit hour or $5,385 per semester if they also live in New York and are full-time residents of the state. Students who are nonresidents pay $830 per credit hour for full-time or part-time enrollment. The college charges a technology fee of $62.50 per semester for part-time students and $125 per semester for full-time students. Graduate students also pay other fees of around $90 every semester.

Graduate financial aid is available for students who cannot afford their annual costs. They will need to fill out the FAFSA to show that they need help. The college has a work-study program that lets students work part-time and will accept alternative loans. Graduate students can get direct loans of $20,500 a year from the federal government, but they cannot borrow more than $138,500 in total. This includes any loans they had as undergrads. Psychology majors can fill out one application and submit it to the college when applying for all of the scholarships and special programs available. These include the Emily Lin Lee Award and the BCAA Long Island Chapter Scholarship, which goes to commuter students from Long Island. The industrial and organizational psychology programs at CUNY Brooklyn include several scholarships and awards.

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