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Organizational Psychology Degrees Offered at Golden Gate University

Golden Gate University appears in our ranking of the Top 15 Industrial/Organizational Certificate Programs.

Golden Gate University (GGU) has two main programs that focus on industrial-organizational psychology. Chief among these is the Master of Arts in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. It’s offered completely online, entirely on the San Francisco campus, or as a hybrid of these two methods. The program emphasizes four subject areas:

  • theory,
  • professional practice
  • assessment
  • diversity

Students must complete 42 credit hours consisting of a combination of psychology and human resource management classes. Everyone in the program first moves through an 11-course core series which includes:

  • Group Dynamics in Organizations
  • Executive Coaching Theory & Practice
  • International HRM

Following this, students can choose three electives out of nine total options. Some possibilities are:

  • Ethics in Managing People at Work
  • Conflict Resolution Skills & Techniques
  • Strategic Thinking

An internship is recommended but not required. The faculty consists of 26 adjunct and two associate professors. All share anecdotes from their real-world experience to help students connect theory with practice.

The graduate certificate in Industrial-Organizational Psychology at GGU is also available online, on-campus, or hybrid. It requires a total of 15 credit hours. Many students in the M.A. in Counseling Psychology program complete this certificate immediately after earning their master’s degree to learn how to apply their clinical skills in the business world. The only required courses are Organizational Behavior & Process and Organizational Development, Assessment & Intervention which are followed by three electives chosen from 14 available. Advisers work with each student to ensure their coursework aligns with their future career goals.

At the undergraduate level, Golden Gate University does not offer a full degree in industrial-organizational psychology, but the subject matter is included in other programs. For instance, the B.A. in Management has an option for a psychology concentration consisting of 15 credit hours during which students take classes like Organizational Leadership and Psychology of Leadership. This specialized track is also available to students earning their B.S. in Business. GGU’s philosophy is to hire part-time and full-time professors who have a great deal of experience in their industry in order to fully prepare students for professional life.

About Golden Gate University

Established officially in 1901, Golden Gate University is a small, private, non-profit school that focuses on four main subject areas:

  • business
  • law
  • accounting
  • taxation

The school originated even earlier, in 1868, when groups met at a local YMCA in San Francisco, California, to learn skills including:

  • bookkeeping
  • public speaking
  • Spanish
  • gymnastics

GGU remained at the YMCA even when the law school opened in 1901. It continued to share space until 1972 when it moved to a nearby remodeled warehouse. Today, the main campus is still in San Francisco, but there are satellite locations in:

  • Los Angeles
  • Silicon Valley
  • Seattle

The total student body exceeds 5000 with 12% of students enrolled in one of six undergraduate programs and the remainder in one of 15 graduate tracks. The school continues in its dedication to serving non-traditional students. It was one of the first to offer law courses in the evenings. GGU also led the way in distance learning with correspondence classes in 1993 followed by complete online degree programs in 1998. Washington Monthly has ranked Golden Gate University the best four-year college for adult learners with 89% of the student body over the age of 25 in 2018. The school has earned this designation for three years in a row.

Golden Gate University Accreditation Details

Golden Gate University has earned accreditation through the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC) since 1959. It’s most recent review was in 2019. This certifies that the school has met all quality standards established by the WSCUC which include the following:

  • Developing and Applying Resources and Organizational Structures to Ensure Quality and Sustainability
  • Defining Institutional Purposes and Ensuring Educational Objectives

The review process primarily consists of peer reviews of self-reporting from the college and campus visits. The WSCUC is responsible for all colleges and universities in California and Hawaii. Their overall goal is to ensure that each institution remains focused on compliance with:

  • best practices
  • continuous review and improvement
  • transparency and accountability to students, faculty, and the public

Regional accreditation is required for a school to accept federal financial aid and signifies that students will receive a good return on investment for a GGU education.

Golden Gate University Application Requirements

Students applying to Golden Gate University’s industrial psychology master’s program need to submit an application along with a $65 fee and official transcripts documenting completion of a bachelor’s degree. GMAT and GRE scores and a personal statement are not required but may be included to supplement a lower undergraduate GPA. The only stated requirement for admission to the certificate program is an undergraduate degree. Students interested in bachelor’s degrees must first send in:

  • their application
  • $40 fee
  • complete high school and college transcripts

For unconditional admission, applicants must have completed 12 credit hours of post-secondary classes with at least a 2.0 GPA. This requirement can be waived with:

  • a high school GPA of 3.0+
  • three years of professional work as documented on a resume
  • a statement of purpose
  • possibly a phone interview

Tuition and Financial Aid

The tuition rate is $1090 per credit hour for graduate degrees and certificates from the psychology department regardless of online, on-campus, or hybrid status. The standard rate for undergraduate tuition is $660 per hour, but new students can expect to pay a reduced rate of $462 after the Undergraduate Student Grant is applied. There are also discounted rates of:

  • $250 for active-duty military members
  • $300 for the associate’s transfer program
  • $300 for students in the GGU Aspire program

The university offers a variety of scholarships and grants that are available to students at all levels. These include:

  • the Community Tuition Assistance Grant Program
  • international scholarships
  • the Alumni Referral Grant

There are also awards from endowed funds and other alumni donations. In addition, many graduate students take advantage of tuition reimbursement programs offered by their employers. Advisers are available at Golden Gate University to speak with prospective and established students about their financial options.

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