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Industrial and Organizational Psychology Programs at University of the Rockies

The University of the Rockies appears in our ranking of the Top 10 Ph.D. in Industrial Organizational Psychology Online.

The University of the Rockies offers online degree programs through Ashford University. It also offers a small number of classes on its Denver campus. Students enrolled in the university’s psychology graduate program can complete a specialization in industrial and organizational psychology. They will take seven courses to complete this specialization, including:

  • Advanced Topics in Organizational Psychology
  • Leadership and Organizational Cultures
  • Professional and Business Ethics in Organizational Psychology
  • Influence, Motivation and Persuasion in the Workplace
  • Students will also take an IO psychology seminar.

One of the top programs in IO psychology at the undergrad level is its Bachelor of Arts in Business Leadership. This program serves as an introduction to the business field. It includes courses on how people work and why they act in different ways on the job. It includes five-week classes and asks students to take a single class at a time. The university will accept up to 90 transfer credits too.

A Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management is a similar program available from the University of the Rockies. Students can choose a specialization from fields such as:

  • project management
  • public administration
  • sports and recreation management
  • human resources management

They’ll take classes in that specialization and those in:

  • business
  • management
  • accounting

The university’s Bachelor of Science in Psychology can give students the knowledge they need in an IO psychology graduate program. It allows students to bring credits from other schools with them.

There is a Doctor of Philosophy in Organizational Development and Leadership that combines elements of both industrial and organizational psychology with business development. It’s one of the only online programs in the nation with this focus.  It includes 24/7 tech support for students who want to submit work online or just log in to check on their classes. They can also get help finding resources for upcoming projects and papers.

This program teaches students basic organization and development principles and shows them how to put those principles into practice. They also learn how personal factors can impact the way people work and what employers can do to protect their employees. All the courses in the program are six weeks to nine weeks in length. They allow students to take more than one course each session. Students will take:

  • Psychology of Leadership
  • Research Design and Methods
  • Assessment Tools for Organizational Leadership
  • Professional and Business Ethics in Organizational Leadership

This online program features a dissertation that students will research and submit online.

About University of the Rockies

The University of the Rockies is a small for-profit university in Colorado. Established in 1998, it opened as a small school with its headquarters in Denver. It initially only offered psychology courses and called itself the Colorado School of Professional Psychology. Curriculum changes and expansions led to the school becoming the University of the Rockies. This university then moved to a new spot in Denver that had more room for its students and received accreditation to operate in the state. This also led to the university adding more traditional degree programs. Now called UofR, it is part of the Bridgepoint Education system of colleges. It offers the same classes that Ashford University does, which is the main university in that system. Incoming students will find that the official UofR website directs them to the Ashford site. They can then log into their existing accounts and find out more about the university.

University of the Rockies Accreditation Details

Some of the opportunities that UoR offers its psychology majors are possible because of its affiliation with the National Councils of Schools and Programs of Professional Psychology (NCSPPP). Other opportunities are available due to the regional accreditation with the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCACS). As a branch of the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), the NCACS gives UofR the authority to implement degree programs and grant degrees. The university can also create financial aid packages and admit transfer students because of this accreditation.

University of the Rockies Application Requirements

Since becoming part of the Bridgepoint Education system, UofR changed its admissions process to reflect the guidelines of that parent organization. Any student who wants to apply must first contact an admissions representative. This representative will act as a counselor who guides the student through the entire process. Students will use the online application and work with the advisor to fill it out.

Once accepted, students take learning assessment tests that determine if they are ready for college classes or if they need to take one or more prerequisites first. Students can also fill out an information request form and speak with a rep before looking at the university’s programs or degree requirements. UofR may ask for more information after receiving an application, including:

  • a resume
  • personal essay
  • statement of purpose
  • test scores
  • transcripts
  • letters of recommendation

Tuition and Financial Aid

As part of Ashford University, UoR limits the amount that students pay every year. Graduate students can take any graduate psychology classes and pay just $620 per credit hour. Those in the organizational management program pay a higher rate of $690 per credit hour. Doctoral students pay a higher rate of $1,082 per credit hour. The university charges a per credit hour rate of $475 for students in any undergrad program. All students will also face technology and other fees to take classes from the university. Students get the same Ashford University guarantee as students enrolled in that university do. It promises that the school will not increase their tuition in the next four years.

Students who need financial aid can find resources on the university’s website, which will help them apply for external scholarships and learn about other types of funding. Every student can apply for federal funding via the FAFSA, which will use the tax information of either the student or his or her parent(s). Most students will use the loans offered by the federal government, but they may use grants too. Students can also use scholarships and loans secured from alternative sources. The University of the Rockies offers the same financial aid packages for its industrial and organizational psychology majors as other schools owned by Bridgepoint Education do.

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