10 Great Occupational Therapist Podcast Series

5 Great Podcasts for Occupational Therapists

The Best Occupational therapy podcasts

Whether you are an experienced OTR L or a future OT student just learning about the field, these great occupational therapy podcasts offer a wealth of information. Each of these OT podcasts are available at no charge. They offer different perspectives on occupational therapy topics related to:

  • best practices
  • ethics
  • research
  • news
  • trends

The best OT podcasts offer a variety of content and focus on best practices.  Podcasts are a great place to learn about cutting edge trends, hear firsthand feedback of what works and what doesn’t and connect with other practitioners.  We showcase some of the best podcasts covering the field of OT.

  • Milestones: A Child Development Podcast
  • Seniors Flourish
  • Occupied
  • OT 4 Lyfe
  • Everyday Evidence
  • OT Potential
  • Occupational Therapy Insights
  • The OT School House
  • The OT Dude
  • Spirited Conversations

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Milestones: A Child Development Podcast

The Milestones: A Child Development Podcast focuses on how OT helps children with special needs. This top occupational therapy podcast delves into topics such as:

  • sensory processing
  • early intervention
  • childhood neurological development

Some of the podcast episodes have been about trending topics in occupational therapy like:

  • how providers can make the most of a telehealth visit when social distancing or stay at home orders are issued by health authorities
  • how to ensure continuity of care
  • the differences between IFSPs and IEPs for children who have special needs

The host also interviews child development psychologists and researchers on trending topics in the field.

Seniors Flourish

The Seniors Flourish podcast is about occupational therapy services for older adults. Host Mandy Chamberlain offers a wide range of resources that OTs can use with senior and geriatric clients. These resources include in-clinic and at-home options. Some of the topics on the Seniors Flourish podcast include:

  • addressing sexuality and identity in geriatric patients
  • biopsychosocial model and occupational therapy
  • being a caregiver
  • spirituality and intuition in occupational therapy

The website associated with the podcast also has additional resources including articles, links, and documents with best practices for occupational therapists working with seniors.


The Occupied podcast is hosted by Brock Crook. Based in Australia, this podcast examines how occupational therapy services differ in a wide range of geographic locations throughout the world. Some of the topics on Occupied have included:

  • digital communications and confidentiality
  • the dark side of occupational therapy
  • overcoming anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder
  • mental well-being and occupational therapy

This OT podcast also includes interviews of occupational therapists and researchers from Australia and around the world.

OT 4 Lyfe

OT 4 Life was created by Sarah Putt, a licensed and certified pediatric OT.  She delivers relevant content through her podcast and website.  Her goal is to inspire other OT practitioners and bring awareness to important topics in the field.  Podcast episodes include:

  • Limb Differences and Occupational Therapy
  • 12 Lessons from 12 Years as an Occupational Therapist
  • Shifting the Mindset from Clinician to CEO

Everyday Evidence

The Everyday Evidence is one of the podcasts supported by the American Occupational Therapy Association.  AOTA’s occupational therapy podcast is great for practitioners interested in research and practice.  Program topics focus on research and how to translate this evidence into practice.  Recent episodes include:

  • The Multicontext Approach to Cognitive Rehabilitation
  • Functional Cognition
  • Chronic Conditions Practice Guidelines

New episodes are created at least monthly.

OT Potential Podcast

OT Potential Podcast is a dedicated service to OT practitioners and students who want to keep up with the latest evidence-based practice in the field of OT.  Top therapists discuss OT specific journal articles.  Recent episodes include:

  • Telehealth, Parent Alliance, and OT with Adam Griffin
  • OT Supports for Sensory Processing Differences with Bryden Giving
  • Virtual Reality and OT with Christopher Gaskins
  • Early Intervention for Motor Performance with Sarah Putt

New podcasts are available bi-weekly.  Members of the OT Potential Club can earn CEU credit for their participation.

Occupational Therapy Insights

Occupational Therapy Insights is a blog that breaks down the world of OT into its simplest form.  The blog is hosted by Dr. Frederick Covington, a leading OT and accomplished author and inventor.  He creates content for parents, educators and OTs.  New episodes are released several times a month.  Some of his most recent episodes include:

  • Supporting the Paternal Role and Transition Home from the NICU: A Mixed Method Study
  • Assistive Technology Accessibility and Abandonment: Challenges for Occupational Therapists
  • The S.E.L.F. Approach: Systems and Experiential Learning Framework for Field and Capstone Education Development

The OT School House 

This twice-a-month OT podcast was created for school-based OTs.  Topics are chosen with the goal of improving outcomes for students.  Program guests are invited to share strategies they use in their own classrooms that help students succeed.  The OT School House hosts leading pediatric occupational therapy practitioners such as Meg Proctor, OTR L, and Dr. Zoe Mailloux.  Recent episodes include:

  • Finding Motivation in Transition-Aged Students: From Limitations to Success
  • Why the CDC Updated the Developmental Milestones Checklist
  • Back to Our Roots: Mental Health and the School-Based Role

OT Dude Occupational Therapy Podcast

Jeff, the OT Dude, is a licensed OT working with adults and seniors.  He provides “free resources to the occupational therapy community.”  His podcast episodes cover a variety of topics for anyone interested in the value of OT.  Content is focused on the latest research and trends in the field.  Recent episodes include:

  • Passion, Exposure Therapy, and Connecting the Dots with Erica Patusco
  • Back to OT School, Geriatric Passion, and Mental Health with Lindsey Gass
  • Psychosocial Pharmacology for Depression

New episodes come out throughout the month.  The OT Dude website also features a blog, professional calculators, and a reference guide.

Spirited Conversations- Engaging and Elevating Pediatric OT

OT therapists Tracy Stackhouse, Cory Dundon, and Michelle Maunder share clinical conversations.  Most therapists tend to be overwhelmed by all they need to know to effectively service children through OT.  Through clinical conversations, these three OT professionals hope to share their insights and ideas with others in the field.  Recent episodes include:

  • Polyvagal Theory and Co-regulation
  • Vestibular Based Treatment- A Case of Gravitational Insecurity
  • The Journey of Becoming Rational Therapists

New episodes are released monthly.

When an occupational therapy student or professional has a few minutes of downtime, listening to one of these podcasts can be helpful. These episodes are also an ideal way to pass the time while in isolation, on vacation or commuting. Each of these five great podcasts for occupational therapists helps a person learn and develop their professional skills.

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