5 Conferences for I-O Psychologists

conferences for io psychologists

Best Conferences for Current and Soon-To-Be Industrial/Organizational Psychologists

  • International Neuropsychological Society Meeting
  • APS Annual Convention
  • Annual Convention & Tradeshow of the Canadian Psychological Association
  • Annual Meeting of the ISDP
  • Measuring Behavior

IO Psychology conferences provide a vital point of congregation for professionals in the industry to gather, exchange emerging knowledge, and network in a variety of other, valuable ways. It can sometimes be difficult, to locate conferences for IO psychologists specifically, but there are a number of very relevant, annual events that are highly anticipated by the IO psychology industry as well as many others in the mental health professions. The following five, annual events are among some of the most relevant to the IO psychologist today.

1. International Neuropsychological Society Meeting

The  annual INS meeting’s annual conference held by the International Neuropsychological Society is a real crossroads of information sharing in neurology, psychology, psychiatry, and several other disciplines. A past conference theme was “Neuropsychology in The Era of Precision Medicine.” In this theme, attendees saw a variety of important shows such as “Case Studies vs. Big Data” and “Exercise and Cognition” in addition to numerous symposiums and other events that will all drive home the latest knowledge in psychology.

2. APS Annual Convention

The APS Annual Convention is another, great opportunity to learn and exchange ideas for IO psychologists and all others in the mental health field. This yearly event is facilitated by the Association for Psychological Science. As opposed to offering just one, central theme, this event branches out into several, prevailing themes in psychology. Numerous special events are also slated to take place in which highly-regarded experts will put on some much-anticipated shows displaying current advances in the science of psychology.

3. Annual Convention & Tradeshow of the Canadian Psychological Association

The Canadian Psychological Association is the sponsor of the 81st Annual Convention & Tradeshow of the Canadian Psychological Association. A past conference theme of “Psychology in Action” featured a wide variety of speakers, shows, awards ceremonies, and more.

4. Annual Meeting of the ISDP

The ISDP, or International Society for Developmental Psychobiology, is itself an organization focused on the advancement of psychology as well as the understanding of developmental biology’s greater effects on psychology. Attendees to the annual meeting can expect a great networking and learning experience with industry experts, shows, Q&A sessions, and plenty more activity to enjoy for all of the event’s days.

5. Measuring Behavior

Measuring Behavior is the name of this year’s annual psychology conference sponsored and administered by a collective of organizations dedicated to the cause. This worldwide event serves as a joint meeting event for the Measuring Behavior conference series and the International Seminar on Behavioral Methods series. Learn about all of the emerging scientific findings and enjoy some of the world’s best networking opportunities in biopsychology here.


Work in industrial and occupational psychology often requires one to stay abreast of industry knowledge and happenings, and often, the best way to do this is by attending some of the annual conferences and conventions based on the science of psychology today. These five, above-mentioned events represent some of the most relevant to IO psychologists right now. In conclusion, for those seeking additional information on emerging events and news in the greater psychology world today, the American Psychological Association’s News and Event Charter also provides a trustworthy and steady feed of that very info with which to stay current.

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