A chartered occupational psychologist is involved with addressing issues surrounding the performance of workers on the job and in training, a process also known as industrial-organizational psychology. An occupational psychologist is also involved in the development of an understanding of how organizations function. A psychologist in this arena analyzes how individuals and groups function and behave in a work setting.

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Identify Abilities and Enhance Potential

A key endeavor of occupational psychologists is to identify abilities and then assist in the development of the potential of workers. Occupational therapists accomplish this objective by utilizing a number of tools, resources, and techniques. These include tests, job-related exercises and activities, and career counseling.

Worker Motivation

Another multifaceted endeavor of occupational psychologists is worker motivation. Towards this objective, an occupational psychologist collaborates with an employer in the design of worker payment and reward strategies and systems. An occupational psychologist also provides advice when it comes to worker safety and health issues.

Worker Performance Assessment

Occupational Psychologists provide performance assessments of workers. This includes assessments both on as well as off the job. This process involves an occupational psychologist in designing effective and meaningful appraisal systems. It also necessitates that a psychologist in this field advises employers on the myriad issues that touch on worker performance, including stress management.

Adapt to Change

Occupational Psychologists have prominent roles when it comes to the matter of adapting to change. This occurs on two fronts.

First, an occupational psychologist aids in assisting workers to adapt to organizational changes. The reality is that a business is an evolving entity and change is inevitable. The organization and its employees thrive when workers effectively adapt to change.

Second, an occupational psychologist aids in advising about change on what might be called a “micro level.” A psychologist in this field advises on how to change worker attitudes and behavior to enhance the overall operations of an enterprise.

Organizational Design

A chartered occupational psychologist is involved in the design of effective organizations. In this capacity, an occupational psychologist performs a number of vital functions:

  • advise on optimal management systems
  • identify effective strategies for human resources
  • design jobs that fit worker skillsets

Apply Social Psychology to the Workplace

At the heart of the efforts of occupational psychologists is the application of social psychology to the workplace, according to Forbes magazine. Tech companies like Facebook and Google have been at the forefront of taking advantage of the skill set of professionals with a background in industrial-organizational psychology. The utilization of the skills of these professionals is expanding well beyond the tech realm as well.

Not only do workers thrive when an occupational psychologist is involved in advising on the operations of an enterprise, but benefits also accrue to the business itself. These benefits ultimately include enhanced revenue, which is always a primary focus of any type of business enterprise. The expectation is that a chartered occupational psychologist, a person well-versed in industrial-organizational psychology, will become attached to an ever-increasing number of businesses in many countries the world over.