What is the Enneagram Test?

enneagram test

Anyone who is into personality tests like the Meyers-Briggs may be interested to learn about the Enneagram Test. This inventory goes further than some of the others and provides insight into more aspects of personality. It’s becoming quite popular as more and more people learn about its benefits and share it with their friends. Along with telling individuals about their preferences, this quiz provides information on the ways in which they form relationships and how they work. Keep reading to discover more details about the Enneagram, the personality types it tests for and the kind of information it provides.

About the Enneagram

The Enneagram of Personality, or Enneagram for short, began as a model of the human psyche. Its nine interconnected personality types are believed to be attributed to Oscar Ichazo in the 1950s and Claudio Naranjo in the 1970s. The nine types, enneatypes, are represented by the nine points of a specific geometric figure called an enneagram, hence the name. It’s used in wide circles such as business, spirituality and personal development to provide insight into the workings of people’s personalities. The goal is often to improve interpersonal dynamics, reach a higher state of enlightenment or aid in self-awareness.

Enneagram Types

As noted, the Enneagram Test offers nine personality types. According to Forbes, the test explains why each type might behave in certain ways, giving insight into fears and motivations.

The nine types are as follows:

  • The Reformer: rational, idealistic
  • The Helper: caring, interpersonal
  • The Achiever: success-oriented and pragmatic
  • The Individualist: sensitive, withdrawn
  • The Investigator: intense, cerebral
  • The Loyalist: committed, security-oriented
  • The Enthusiast: extraverted, spontaneous
  • The Challenger: powerful, dominating
  • The Peacemaker: easygoing, self-effacing

The above list is merely an overview of the enneatypes. The Enneagram Institute offers more detailed information on each type, along with a test, the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator (RHETI), that users can take to discover their own Enneagram type.

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Information Provided by the Test

Along with providing information on thoughts and behavior, the Enneagram Test can also tell quite a bit about relationships. There are 81 combinations of possible relationship interactions among the nine categories, which offers a number of insights. This kind of information can be useful in sharing with partners or friends in order to increase understanding. When businesses incorporate Enneagram use with their employees, a great deal of information can be gleaned to increase productivity and improve workplace dynamics. It can show individuals the ways in which they will be most productive on the job, letting them shine in their areas of strength and defer difficult tasks to others on the team.

This inventory isn’t a tell-all type of test. No one individual can learn everything about themselves through a simple personality quiz. However, when used with critical thinking, it truly can help to improve relationships and self-awareness across a variety of contexts. The Enneagram Test has proven itself to be a worthy and valuable assessment tool that is accepted by a number of different professional circles.

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