5 Apps for Organizational Psychologists

apps for organizational psychologists

Apps that Organizational Psychologists Will Want on Their Phones

  • 3-D Brain
  • Personality Types
  • Popplet
  • Psychology
  • APA Journal

Organizational psychologists generally work with systems instead of individual clients, and mobile apps that help them stay on track and organized themselves are an asset. Included in this article are a few that can help professionals compile, store and retrieve data, visualize problems and even present issues to clients in an understandable way. Here are five apps for the organizational psychologist.

3-D Brain

This app is mentioned on sites for practicing professionals as well as for psychology students. It is an interactive representation of the brain in 3-D. It enables professionals to process their thoughts and plan approaches to problems. It is a basic, fundamental app that links to other resources and research as well. From Cold Spring Laboratory, the free app uses a touch screen. It uses iOS 6.0 or later and is compatible with iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

Personality Types

This app, developed by UCLA professor Dario Nardi, uses the Myers and Briggs concept of 16 personality types to help users understand relationships. Since organizations depend upon the relationships forged between people in leadership positions and between management and employees, assessing personalities is vital. The app can help professionals think through organizational conflicts. It is marketed by Radiance House and sells for $2.99.


This is not specifically a psychology app, but it is a useful tool for professionals to use to store ideas and thoughts. Like Pinterest, it allows users to create “boards” of similar themes. It is like a virtual notebook with dividers that make it easy to connect random thoughts with previous data and see patterns and relationships. The app is created by Notion, Inc. and costs $4.99. It requires an operating system of 8.0 or later and is only compatible with Apple products.


This app, by Andurin, is one of the few available for Android users. It is the equivalent of a psychology PDF that can be put into a back pocket. The free app gives information about psychoanalysis, behaviorism, cognitivism and more, and includes a forum and links to other resources. It is compatible with all Android products but needs an operating system of 4.1 and newer. There are in-app purchases and advertising, but users may purchase a premium version.

APA Journal

Like “Psychology,” this app is not so much a tool as it is a reference. It is free and is developed by the American Psychological Association as a virtual version of the print magazine offering the latest papers and research, articles and other information. It allows professional to have, at their fingertips, access to all the data, studies and other references stored in the archives of the APA. Only available for Apple products, this app can be purchased from the Apple store.

Apps can be an interesting way to pass time or a valuable tool for professionals. Unfortunately, most of the apps available for psychologists are for iPhones or similar products. Although the apps mentioned in this article have a lot of useful information, they are not intended as diagnostic tools in themselves. Still, organizational psychologists trying to conceal information and ideas about individuals as well as the systems in which they function should find these apps valuable resources.

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