5 Resources That SIOP Offers to Students Seeking Organizational Psychology

SIOP resources

SIOP Resources for Students

  • Graduate Training Programs Information
  • SIOP Annual Conference
  • SIOP I-O Internships
  • Free I-O Psychology Webinars
  • Placement Center

It’s never too soon to start thinking about the future, especially when considering a career. The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) has extensive resources for students who are considering a career in industrial-organizational (I-O) psychology. Through the SIOP, students can:

  • learn more about the field
  • choose a graduate training program that’s right for them
  • search for internships
  • network at conferences
  • post resumes for potential employers

Below are 5 SIOP resources for students.

Graduate Training Program Information

The SIOP website has a page dedicated to graduate training programs in industrial-organizational psychology and related fields. The page includes:

  • a description of SIOP and I-O psychology
  • key to abbreviations and notations
  • information on how to choose a graduate training program

It also provides a list of universities that offer I-O programs, which is updated regularly. Although the SIOP does not endorse a particular program, it does provide links to member articles that discuss I-O programs and their rankings.

SIOP Annual Conference

The SIOP holds a conference each year, giving students a prime opportunity to learn and network with leaders in the field. Students can attend sessions, including:

  • a number of theme based Community of Interests sessions
  • seminars
  • workshops

SIOP also offers paid volunteer opportunities for students, allowing them to learn a little extra cash while attending the event. When it’s time to relax, the conference includes numerous receptions throughout the event where students can network in a more social environment. Students pursuing their graduate degrees can send a presenter proposal and join the Master’s and Doctoral Student Consortium.

SIOP I-O Internships

The SIOP maintains an I-O internship database to help connect students with professional organizations. The I-O Internship opportunities are divided into five categories:

  • internal internship
  • external internship
  • government internship
  • research-oriented internship
  • international internship

The SIOP provides information on managing expectations for interns and organizations who are considering a partnership. It also encourages potential interns to consider factors such as:

  • the size of the organization
  • their expectations for travel
  • preferred work location
  • ideal client type
  • required certifications
  • other organizational requirements

Free I-O Psychology Webinars

There are a number of free webinars available on the SIOP website that are ideal for students. Recorded mini-webinars average around 20 minutes and include topics such as:

  • “HR Analytics Here and Now”
  • “Effective Feedback”
  • “Learning Agility”

The page also includes recordings of live webinars such as:

  • “Making the Most of SIOP as a Student”
  • “A Day in the Life of an I-O Psychologist”
  • “Hot Topics in Industrial & Organizational Psychology”

These free resources are designed to help students make crucial decisions about their career paths and prepare a future in the I-O field.

Placement Center

Students who are ready to graduate can take advantage of the Placement Center, a reoccurring fixture of the SIOP Annual Conference. Students can place their resumes on this virtual job board to be viewed by employers across the country. They can also view job postings by leading I-O organizations. During the conference, the Placement Center becomes a physical location where employers and potential employees can mingle.


With several career options to choose from, students should research their options well. Once they have decided on a career, it’s important to focus on professional development to become the strongest candidate possible for future employment. The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology is an excellent way for students to learn about and develop within the field of I-O psychology.

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