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5 Ways to Go from Surviving to Thriving at Work

How to Thrive at Work Rather Than Just Survive

  • Schedule You Time
  • Take Care of Yourself
  • Look for Opportunities
  • Take Your Vacations
  • Learn to Say No

These days, many of us find we’d like to go from surviving to thriving at work. Even those in an enjoyable career can find that work can be stressful. It’s easy to get caught up in the demands of a job and to feel overwhelmed. Further, sometimes workers allow themselves to become beholden to employers, forgetting that they have a sense of autonomy. When a person feels like they don’t have a say in their circumstances, they can become emotionally drained, even depressed. Fortunately, there are some ways to gain more autonomy on the job. Take a look at these tips for turning things around.

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Schedule You Time

Sure, there are things that need to be done at work, and usually it’s the higher-ups who designate the workload. However, employees often forget that they can find ways to incorporate some time for rejuvenation into their daily routines. For example, it’s advisable to find ways to use lunch breaks in a way that truly provides a “break” rather than eating at a desk reading emails. Go for a walk, meet up with a friend or sit on a park bench reading.

Take Care of Yourself

While it may seem like basic advice, personal care is critically important for feeling our best. This includes on the job. Eating healthy and exercising can help to counteract the effects of stress on the body. Having a healthy snack or taking a quick stroll can provide extra energy when it’s critically needed during the workday. When people feel better, they’re more resilient. Forbes Magazine lists residence as the most critical skill for thriving at work and not just surviving.

Look for Opportunities

Sometimes doing the same job day in and day out can become unfulfilling. However, that doesn’t mean people necessarily have to start searching for a new career. There are often opportunities at the same employer; all it takes is some investigation and ingenuity to find them. Volunteering for more interesting projects is always an option. Sometimes just asking for what you want can lead to more interesting avenues. Collaboration with colleagues to learn about different aspects of their positions is another possibility worth exploring. Reading, researching and learning outside of work can help employees to move into more desired positions within their companies, as well.

Take Your Vacations

When it seems like one is just surviving instead of thriving at work, that may be a sign it’s time to take a break. Most workers get some type of paid vacation hours. Unfortunately, many fail to take that time away for fear of not being productive or falling behind on the job. Taking time to relax helps to rejuvenate the spirit and can actually make people more productive upon returning to work.

Learn to Say No

Finally, sometimes it’s best to learn to say no to co-workers when possible. Avoid interactions with those who are energy vampires. Don’t take on extra work simply to be nice if it threatens to take away time for necessary tasks. Being protective of one’s time and energy is necessary in order to stay positive.

These are just some ways to maintain a positive and energized attitude on the job. It is possible to stop surviving and start thriving at work.