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5 Workplace Morale-killers to Avoid

5 Workplace Issues That Will Kill Employee Happiness

  • An Unclean Work Environment
  • Harassment
  • No Advancement Opportunity
  • Ignoring Employees
  • Inflexible Management

Managers should be aware of the worst workplace morale-killers to avoid. These issues can result in costly employee turnover and a negative reputation for any business. Be aware of them and work to mitigate their negative effects.

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1. An Unclean Work Environment

A dirty work environment is one of the simplest workplace morale-killers to avoid. Employees don’t want to come work in an unclean office. Encourage employees to clean up after themselves, perhaps by offering incentives. Most companies benefit from having a professional cleaning service come in regularly to empty trash bins, vacuum carpets, sweep floors and clean restrooms. Also, be sure to replace things like carpet when it starts getting unsightly or unsafe and remove things like dead trees and shrubbery from around the building.

2. Harassment

Harassment is a huge issue in many organizations, whether sexual or bullying in nature. Companies must work to put a stop to all harassment that comes to their attention immediately to avoid employee morale diminishing. Permitting harassment or shielding harassers will earn any business a bad reputation among other professionals and customers. Have steps outlined in the employee handbook for dealing with harassment and be prepared to take action to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

3. No Advancement Opportunity

Companies, where employees have no advancement opportunities, are not places employees like to work. While some employees are content to stay in their jobs, most want the opportunity to advance and grow disillusioned if they feel stuck in a dead-end job. Be sure to promote and hire from within, at least a considerable amount of the time. Employees who are promoted from within are already familiar with the workings of the company, leading to less adjustment time, and it demonstrates that an organization cares about the professional growth of its employees. Offer continuing education opportunities to employees as well.

4. Ignoring Employees

When employees are ignored, it creates a serious morale problem in an office. This can take many forms, such as employee ideas being dismissed, difficulty getting in contact with managers, praise being withheld, employee problems going unaddressed and similar issues. Many managers might not even realize they are doing this, according to Forbes, but when they do it is severely damaging to companies. One of the best ways to determine how much attention employees need is simply to ask them. Different employees have different wants and needs and it is important to treat each and every one of them like the individuals they are.

5. Inflexible Management

Management at any good organization needs to be flexible on a multitude of levels. This includes areas such as their employees’ schedules and willingness to make changes to the way the organization is run. Workplaces and managers who refuse to consider change or are inflexible in their approach are very likely to alienate the employees who keep the business running. Employees are people too and need to be treated as such – afforded understanding when they get sick or need to take time off for personal reasons. Be open to new ideas and demonstrate a willingness to make changes, or take the time to explain why an idea will not work.

The importance of employee morale in a business organization cannot be overstated. Happy employees are going to want to remain at the company, do their best work and speak well of the company to others. Remember these critical workplace morale-killers to avoid.