5 Great Podcasts for Organizational Psychologists

podcasts for organizational psychologists

5 Informative Podcasts for Organizational Psychologists

  • EmpowerCREATIVE Podcast
  • The Innovation Show
  • The SIOP Podcast
  • Department12
  • The Team Coaching Zone

Organizational psychology, also known as industrial-organizational psychology (I-O) is the study of organizations, their structure, and how the individuals involved in the organization interact. The American Psychological Association explains how organizational psychologists use their research to devise methods for improvement within organizations. If you’re an organizational psychologist looking to learn more about the newest I-O trends, a student seeking more information about their chosen field, or just a curious self-learner who wants to discover more about how people interact in the workplace, these 5 great podcasts for organizational psychologists are a great place to start!

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EmpowerCREATIVE Podcast

Hosted by Dr. Phenessa of EmpowerCREATIVE! LLC, this podcast empowers individuals to be true to their authentic selves. EmpowerCreative discusses the tenets of industrial-organizational psychology, the dynamics of socio and emotional intelligence, and how expressive arts can be used for self-improvement. The podcast encourages individuals to “feel better, THINK better, and create your better world”

The Innovation Show

With interviews from field-leaders, professors, inventors, change-makers, authors, and other innovators, The Innovation Show brings a global look at adaptation in the workplace, home, and rest of the world. From business and finance to organizational development and the humanities, this weekly show, ideal for the IO buff, is all about embracing change in all forms to make life work.

The SIOP Podcast

Enjoy a podcast dedicated to the topics of interests, trends, and even controversial opinions related to Organizational Psychology with the SIOP Podcast. Whether you are a manager, student, practitioner, academic leader, or curious soul, the SIOP Podcast will provide insight to expand knowledge about the fascinating world of IO, helping listeners to understand the basics of organizational dynamics, as well as the way behavior occurs on both the macro and micro level.

The creators made a podcast with a purpose: “The objective of each episode of the I-O Podcast is to provide diverse perspectives and challenge ideas regarding topics in I-O Psychology.”

Department 12

Department 12 offers free-flowing commentary and information “Without the peer review.” Along with their podcast, Department 12 offers access to in-depth Articles and blog posts from leaders in the organizational psychology field. Ben Butina, Ph.D., creator of Department 12 is an industrial-organizational psychologist with special interests in the areas of leadership development, training, and using positive psychology methods in the workforce.

Sample topics include the importance of Organizational Psychology in all psychology degrees, what students can do with a degree concentrating in I-O, and how these skills should be better used in the hiring and management process.

The Team Coaching Zone

Hosted by Dr. Krister Lowe, this podcast provides insight into team coaching in companies and large organizations. Team coaching experts join Dr. Lowe weekly and the podcast is directed at professionals within human resources, learning and development professionals, coaches, leaders, and team managers from entry-level to seasoned. Can team coaching really accelerate team development and success? Listen to the Team Coaching Zone today to find out more!

Inspired to bring greater ideas and methods for success to the workplace or team environment? Kick back, relax, and take notes while listening to these 5 Great Podcasts for Organizational Psychologists.

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