Five Types of Internships for Organizational Psychology Students

  • Labor Union
  • Healthcare Facility
  • Human Resources
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Accounting

Organizational psychology is a field of work that focuses on how employees behave in the workplace. A number of psychological concepts are used to assess these individuals and then to come up with ways to improve the workflow at a company. This can apply to a number of different aspects of a company such as the overall performance, budgeting, communication, employee satisfaction, safety, etc. If this is something that is of interest to you and you are studying towards a degree in organizational psychology, it might be time to start thinking about the various Organizational Psychology internships available. Let’s take a look at five different types of internships that apply to a degree in organizational psychology.

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1. Labor Union

A labor union is designed to protect the employees of a company. There are benefits you get from being part of a union, but essentially, unions are designed to ensure that everything within a company is on the up and up on behalf of those who work for the company. There could be issues relating to pay, health benefits, insurance, safety, etc. An internship with a labor union can educate you on working with employees and making sure that union employees are getting a fair shake at their job.

2. Healthcare Facility

In a hospital setting, your job as an intern might be to ensure that nurses and doctors are getting all of their lunch breaks and regular breaks that are outlined by the law. Many facilities are so fast-paced and require so much of their employees, that staff members are pushing themselves too hard. This can lead to more mistakes and poor patient care, not to mention it isn’t healthy for the professional either.

3. Human Resources

HR departments often employ organizational psychology interns. In this setting, you might spearhead an employee survey that will paint a clear picture on how employees feel about the company that they are working for. You may also partake in the hiring process or the process of doing exit interviews to help clarify how the company can function better and retain its employees.

4. Manufacturing Facilities

When interning in a manufacturing setting, your job may focus largely on the quality of production and how efficient it is. You may be asked to come up with ways to increase these things. There might be something that could be added or removed from the manufacturing process to streamline everything and make more product. You may need to speak with employees to find out more about what goes on day to day and what can be done. Many times, the employees have the best ideas because they are right there in the middle of the work.

5. Accounting

Interning in the field of accounting is important because you can learn various ways to improve the profitability of a company. You learn all about how a business makes money while maintaining happy employees. There are many ways to research methods that focus on improving the work environment.

Organizational Psychology internships are a great opportunity to learn, hands-on, material that just can’t be taught in the classroom. You typically will work under a professional in the company that knows a lot about what you are studying, and you will have experience that will set you apart from your competition when you enter the work force. For more information about organizational psychology, visit the American Psychological Association.