5 Apps for Organizational Psychology Students

apps for organizational psychology students

Top Five Organizational Psychology Smartphone Apps

  • Personality Types
  • Intro to Psychology Mastery
  • AP Psychology Exams Prep
  • Brainscape – Smart Flashcards
  • EPPP Flash Cards Lite

Industrial and organizational psychology is a fast-growing field. It combines the latest academic trends in business and human resources with psychological theories about workplace efficiency and group collaboration. Smartphone apps can help students hone their skills and prepare for exams while getting in-depth information about a wide range of academic subjects. There are thousands of apps available for psychology and human resources students. Choosing the top five for I/O psychology can be a challenge. The apps on this list provide the guidance and instruction students need to stay ahead of the curve in their I/O psychology courses.

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1. Personality Types

Personality Types is an essential psychology app that helps students get familiar with the major psychological traits of human personalities. The Big Five personality types separate people into five major categories of traits, including:

  • extroversion
  • conscientiousness
  • neuroticism
  • agreeableness
  • openness

The Personality Types app helps students learn the nuances of these major character traits and identify them in the people around them. All of the major personality traits have subcategories that define the psychological type of an individual. People who are high in openness can be interested in ideas or esthetics. People who are high in conscientiousness can be:

  • industrious
  • organized
  • a combination of the two

2. Intro to Psychology Mastery

Industrial and organizational psychology students can pursue a high-paying career in an exciting field, but first, they must master the basics of this sophisticated subject. Intro to Psychology Mastery helps students do just that by tapping into the powerful features of a mobile smartphone. The app provides unique guidance and instruction for undergraduate psychology students. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, industrial and organizational psychologists must have a strong understanding of fundamental psychological principles. They must be able to apply them to business-related areas, such as:

  • sales
  • management
  • marketing
  • administration

Intro to Psychology Mastery offers the perfect introduction to these skills.

3. AP Psychology Exams Prep

AP Psychology Exams Prep is the perfect app for  college students majoring in industrial and organizational psychology. It offers many useful options for psychology majors looking to brush up on fundamental concepts and terminology. The convenient interface is easy to use and feature-rich. The main menu provides quick links to essential resources, such as:

  • flashcards
  • practice tests
  • exam questions

From research methods to psychology history, the subjects covered by AP Psychology Exams Prep are highly relevant and regularly updated.

4. Brainscape – Smart Flashcards

When it comes to flashcards, Brainscape is one of the best apps in the marketplace.  It provides helpful guidance for psychology students. It covers every subject that industrial and organizational psychology majors need to know. Brainscape users can create flashcards for any subject or use the cards that are available for download. By signing into the app, users can sync their work across all of their devices. This makes Brainscape a convenient way to study for exams throughout college.

5. EPPP Flash Cards Lite

EPPP Flash Cards Lite is another excellent study app for I/O psychology students. It is the free version of the EPPP Flash Cards app, which is a go-to resource for psychology majors preparing for tests and projects. The interface of EPPP Flash Cards Lite is minimal, but the information packed into the app is extensive.

From business and marketing to sales and psychology, the course curriculum of an I/O psychology major can be very demanding. Fortunately, organizational psychology students have many excellent smartphone apps available to help them prepare for exams.

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