5 Ways to Improve Employee Morale

improve employee morale

Employee Morale Boosts

  • Vision Sharing
  • Caring
  • Charitable Works
  • Eliminate “Morale Sinkers”
  • Promotion from Within

Anyone who operates a company understands the importance of finding ways to improve employee morale. When employee morale is high, the everyday work environment is where employees find themselves enjoying their co-workers and the work they are doing. By the same token, when morale is low, a company might have a high turnover rate, as well as reduced efficiency.

There are a number of ways a business can improve employee morale. They are simple to implement and actually do not require spending a great deal of money.

1. Share the Vision

One of the best ways to improve employee morale, according to Forbes Magazine, is to make sure the employees know what the vision is for the company and that they understand they are part of something bigger than themselves. When employees understand their role in the company and understand the value the company places upon them, morale tends to increase.

2. Making Caring a Priority

No one wants to feel like they are taken for granted. When a company shows its employees that it genuinely cares about their well-being, those employees often will go above and beyond their normal duties. When employees see they are noticed and respected by upper management, it builds up a stronger relationship than when employees feel they are simply replaceable cogs in some kind of corporate machine.

3. Paid Time Off For Volunteering

An article in Entrepreneur Magazine on one of the more clever ways of improving employee morale mentioned that a Florida-based management consulting firm gave its employees four hours (paid) a month to volunteer for a charity or organization of the employee’s choosing. This shows the employee the company cares about rewarding employees who are doing good deeds outside the workplace. At the same time, the employee gets a warm feeling over doing something worthwhile on an individual basis. This becomes a win-win for both company and employee.

4. Get Rid of “Morale Sinkers”

There are people in every company who are not ever going to be high in the morale department. It’s just not in their nature. They are the ones who seem to always be in the center of problems in a company—and they are the ones who need to be sent packing. When an employee shows himself or herself to be a problem-creator, there’s no point in keeping them in the company. When the other employees see the troublemaker is gone, they’ll understand the company is looking to maintain a good workplace environment, rather than one filled with turmoil and strife.

5. Promote From Within

Employee morale tends to be on the higher side when the employees see a path for achievement from within the company. It’s easy to be motivated to do a good job when the potential reward means a stronger position within the organization. Conversely, when employees see the company goes outside itself in order to find individuals to put in positions of greater power and salary, there tends to be less motivation to do one’s best for the company.

There are a number of ways to improve employee morale in a company. Implementing some simple programs can change a workplace environment from one of eye rolls and sighs to one of smiles and camaraderie.

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