5 Instagram Accounts for Industrial-Organizational Psychologists to Follow

instagram accounts for io psychologistsIndustrial-Organizational Psychologists Should Follow These Professional Accounts on Instagram

  • @notesfromyourtherapist
  • @lisaoliveratherapy,
  • @riceiopsych
  • @NedraTawwab
  • @SitWithWhit

Industrial-organizational psychologists are in high demand. These top five Instagram for industrial-organizational psychologists could help them stay in the loop about who is who in the field and who is doing what. Keeping up with research trends and topics of interest can be a challenge when the workdays are long. The Instagram social media platform makes it easy, especially when following these five accounts.


The @notesfromyourtherapist Instagram account is created by Allyson Dinneen. It began in late 2017 as an offshoot of her private therapy practice. Her Instagram account is unique because it showcases her handwritten answers to questions people have submitted to her in private messages. The person submitting the question gets to remain anonymous and maintain their privacy. She covers workplace psychology, family psychology and more.


Created by Lisa Olivera, the @lisaoliveratherapy Instagram account covers personal and community mental health. The topics include workplace mental health issues that would be of interest to a person who works in industrial-organizational psychology. The @lisaoliveratherapy Instagram account was founded in 2017 and was one of the first Instagram therapy accounts. There are currently more than 161,000 followers of the @lisaoliveratherapy account. Her goal in starting it was to share therapy advice for people who could not afford private therapy or had difficulty accessing a therapist.


The @riceiopsych Instagram account is operated by the Rice University Department of Industrial-organizational Psychology. It highlights what the department’s faculty and students are doing and how they are contributing to the field. Some of the posts on the account are a sort of meet and greet so that people can learn about research topics or projects in the field. The posts also include information about industrial-organizational psychology conferences, meetings and events that a psychologist might want to attend.


An industrial-organizational psychologist who specializes in workplace relationships or labor relations may want to follow the @NedraTawwab Instagram account. On this account, readers can get advice about navigating different types of relationships. Setting boundaries is a big topic on the account, also. This is important in industrial-organizational psychology because it involves how people are able to separate their work activities from their personal lives and how they are able to build a rapport with colleagues without oversharing. The @NedraTawwab account also helps people reframe their thoughts, and it might give an industrial-organizational psychologist some inspiration on how to serve their clients. It is operated by Nedra Tawwab.

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, industrial-organizational psychologists often observe and survey what goes on in workplaces. The @SitWithWhit Instagram account gets into what is a culture of toxic positivity versus what is true hope and validation of a person’s feelings. Many workplaces have a toxic culture, whether it is negative toxicity or positive toxicity. The @SitWithWhit gets into what this means and how it can affect morale and mood. Some of the topics shared in the @SitWithWhit Instagram posts include sayings such as, “See the good in everything.”


Most adults are already on at least one social media platform, and using these platforms for professional purposes could be a good use of a person’s time. Instagram makes it easy to look at and share photos, and the images may be inspiring or motivating to industrial-organizational psychologists. Each of these five Instagram accounts for industrial-organizational psychologists to follow offers a fun break from reading work documents and other technical information.

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